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9 Combination Batik Clothing Models

9 Combination Batik Clothing Models

Combination Batik Clothing Batik is a type of cloth that is often used for office uniforms. Batik motifs are now also increasingly diverse so that various models of clothing can be made. One type of clothing from batik that must be owned is a batik top. However, clothes with full batik cloth alone might seem boring.

Therefore, you can make a plain cloth combination batik shirt model for the latest women as below.

9 Combination Batik Clothing Models

1. Plain Combination Batik Shirt with Kimono Model

The first model of a plain cloth combination batik dress for the newest woman is wearing a kimono model. You need batik cloth and plain cloth of the same color to make this shirt. For details, the right side of the shirt is made of batik cloth, while the left side uses plain cloth. Like the kimono model in general, both sides of the shirt are connected by a rope beside the waist. If so, the v-neck accent will be visible when worn.

2. Plain Combination Batik Shirt with Buttons

The next combination of batik and plain is not that different because it still uses a combination of the right side of batik and the left side of plain cloth. However, this shirt model is made with a slimmer cut according to body shape. Then, the hem of this shirt is made asymmetrical with a batik cloth that is longer than plain cloth. The unique detail on this shirt lies in the type of buttons. You can choose a variety of unique buttons to make it look on point.

3. Plain Asymmetrical Combination Batik Shirt

You can make traditional batik motifs more trendy with the latest plain cloth combination of batik clothes for women. If your batik cloth has a brown or black color, then a combination of plain cloth that is suitable is white. Lately, a model that is quite popular among women is the asymmetrical model.

This model has a characteristic cut that is not straight or slanted. As above, the batik cloth used as the top layer of the shirt is sewn sideways from the shoulder to the middle. Then, the plain white cloth as the bottom layer is kept straight so that it gives a unique impression. This shirt model will be more complete if it is added with a lying down collar wearing a plain white cloth.

4. Plain Combination Batik Shirt Accent Belt

Almost the same as before, which used an asymmetrical model, this time the combination batik shirt combines white-gray batik cloth with plain cloth of the same color. On the right side, this shirt uses a plain gray cloth. Meanwhile, the left side uses batik cloth which is made tapered at the ends. To make it look even more stylish, don’t forget to add a belt accent in the middle of the shirt from the remaining plain gray cloth.

5. Plain Combination Batik Shirt Wrap Model

If you are happy with simple and elegant models, then this new plain cloth combination batik shirt for women is worth choosing. This combination of clothes uses more batik cloth than plain cloth. Batik cloth is used in almost all clothes, except for the left front which wears plain black cloth. Both arms were made entirely of batik cloth. The combination of the two fabrics is linked by buttons from top to bottom.

6. Plain Combination Batik Shirt with Apron Model

The apron model can be an option if you want a unique and up-to-date look. Different from before, this shirt is made with layers. The first layer of this shirt is plain cloth with ruffled sleeves at the ends. Then, the next layer uses batik cloth which is made like an apron that is blunt at the ends. In the middle, you can add three buttons in a row above as decoration.

7. Plain Combination Batik Shirt with Pocket

Pocket accents can beautify models of plain cloth combination batik clothes for the latest women. First, you can sew plain cloth first to adjust your body shape. Then, add batik cloth accents at the cuffs and a batik layer in front of the shirt. The batik layer is made sideways asymmetrically from the left shoulder to the right. Then, the rest of the batik cloth can be used as a pocket on the left side of the shirt. Besides looking unique, this shirt with pockets is also very functional.

8. Plain Batik Combination Ruffle Model

This next plain combination batik shirt is quite unique because it is made into a ruffle and puff sleeve model. Unlike most of the previous models that used a lot of batik cloth, this time you actually need more plain cloth. As you can see, the dress above has a collarless detail, with puff sleeves, and a ruffled hem. Meanwhile, the combination of batik cloth is located on the middle side of the shirt from the shoulder down. With this blend, your appearance will look younger.

9. Short Kimono Plain Combination Batik Shirt

Lastly, the newest plain cloth combination batik dress model for women also uses a kimono model. However, this style uses more plain cloth than the batik cloth. Batik cloth as a combination is used as a detail for the intersection between the right and left sides of the shirt. However, unlike the usual kimono model, this time you can sew it directly so you don’t need to use a strap. 9 Combination Batik Clothing Models