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The Best Coats A Man Can Wear During Winter

The Best Coats A Man Can Wear During Winter

Winter is officially upon us meaning that it is time to get out the winter coat that you haven’t worn for the last ten months. It is no longer the season for men’s full tracksuits. Instead, it is time to wear jackets that are much more comfortable and keep you dry and, warm.

If you don’t have a winter jacket, it is time you get one as we could be in for a very old winter. Plus, there is a style for everyone. Let’s look at some of the most common jackets a man can wear this winter.

Technical Parka

There is no surprise that a parka is right at the top of the list. It is a Mancunian classic and is loved by those all across the UK. Additionally, it makes a perfect winter jacket.

The parka jacket was a simple design. It only used to be a long coat with a hood. However, with the trend of technical outerwear, these jackets are far more common. They now have windproof materials perfect for the colder temperatures, especially when protecting you against those bitter winds.

If you want to look fashionable. Wearing boots, rolled-up jeans, and a woolly jumper would make your winter outfit look fantastic.


The peacoat is another common jacket to wear this time of year. Inspired by the armed forces, this jacket has been a popular winter jacket for many years. It is a fantastic jacket to level up your winter fashion.

This jacket was designed for sailors back in the 1800s. Since then, it has made its mark in the navy and is still worn today. The purpose of this coat was so sailors could have a full range of motion when wearing it.

This jacket is perfect for those warmer winter days that are dry. It is a jacket which is still in demand and never seems to go out of fashion.

Puffer Jacket

Up next is the puffer jacket. This is a common piece for younger men however, it is suitable for all ages, especially during winter. It is the warmest jacket on the list and you won’t believe us until you put it on yourself to test.

The puffer jacket is very common in men’s streetwear, which is why it is mainly worn by the younger generation. Kanye West, Pete Davidson, Hugh Jackman, and Daniel Craig have all been spotted wearing puffer jackets because it is the best for keeping you warm, even in the coldest of conditions.

Winter fashion isn’t the easiest style for a man. It is much more difficult compared to summer because you need to think about layering. Nevertheless, if you get it right, you can look like the most fashionable man in the room. All you need is a T-shirt, jumper, and follow-up with a winter jacket to add that extra warmth. Your footwear can be anything from boots to trainers, depending on the rest of your outfit.

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