Terry McGinnis’ iconic Batman Beyond costume is brought to life in a remarkable cosplay by alita_01, who perfects the suit with added details.

A phenomenal new Batman Beyond cosplay complete with futuristic 3-D printed details will make fans of the series feel like they’ve been transported to the future.

Taking place in 2039, Batman Beyond follows the future Batman, Terry McGinnis. After the murder of his father, Terry steals the Batman Beyond suit from Bruce Wayne, determined to bring his father’s killer to justice. Despite Bruce’s reluctance, Terry ends up taking on the Batman mantel as the new protector of Neo-Gotham.

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Terry’s high tech Batsuit has become an iconic aspect of the show and in his comics, distinguishing him from other iterations of future Batmen. Created by an aging Bruce to elongate his crime-fighting career, the suit featured a sleek black and red design, perfect for animation. Reddit user alita_01 does an excellent job of capturing these features in a series of photos posted on the site, showcasing their fantastic cosplay. Maintaining the iconic black and red design but adding their own twist, alita_01 has recreated Batman Beyond’s famous costume so well that they look like a time traveler.


Alita_01 expands on the famous Batman Beyond costume, using EVA foam and 3-D printing to craft their amazing cosplay. One of the most impressive aspects of the cosplay is the Batman Beyond cowl, which is notorious for its full-face design. Like the rest of the cosplay, the cowl features armored details, perfectly fitted to alita_01’s face. This effect was achieved using countless measurements and printing tests until the helmet was perfectly tailored to the cosplayer’s head. The finished product is a costume that makes the wearer look like they just stepped out of Neo-Gotham.

Although alita-01’s depiction of Terry’s Batsuit may not be completely accurate, the added details elevate the costume, playing off the classic design to create a movie-quality cosplay. The addition of red lines on the planes of the cowl and textures along the armor generate interest and help the suit appear more futuristic. Despite the personal touches, the continued use of red and black ensures that alita_01’s cosplay looks as sleek as Terry McGinnis’ Batman Beyond suit with a welcome twist. In this fantastic new cosplay, alita_01 captures the hallmarks of Terry McGinnis’ futuristic Batman Beyond suit while making it their own. It is incredible to see a cosplayer portray such an iconic costume in a way that incorporates new details to elevate the design. Alita_o1  keeps Batman Beyond’s suit recognizable while adding unique touches that make us feel like we’ve stepped into 2039.

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Source: alita_01

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