Elden Ring has been 2022’s biggest hit, and its fans are showing off some of the best cosplay costumes on social media. See what they are here.

Elden Ring has taken the gaming world by storm, not only by providing one of the best open-world experiences of the generation, but also by having some of the best cosplayers imitate its famous characters. Perhaps some of the more comical ones are built by players in-game, such as the George R.R. Martin and Miyazaki Elden Ring cosplay duo, but the more serious creations are personally worn by dedicated fans willing to travel to events. Indeed, the best cosplay costumes are almost identical – sometimes with more detail – than the characters themselves.

Cosplay has been a part of gaming culture for decades. It’s a way for fans to bring their favorite fictional characters out into the real world, and the most dedicated cosplayers remain faithful to the particular character’s design down to the smallest details. FromSoftware games are known for their unique characters and Soulslike fanbase, and Elden Ring has quickly built on top that with an even bigger audience of individuals who’ve continued the tradition of creating art through cosplay and other mediums. Elden Ring‘s success compared to other FromSoftware games has certainly played a role in hyping the player-created artwork since its release in February of 2022. As time passes, the fanbase will continue to grow, and more cosplay costumes will be created alongside it.


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There is an abundance of Elden Ring cosplay designs, but some of the best imitate Malenia, iconic player character Let Me Solo Her, and the Bloody Wolf – among others. What makes these so fascinating is how well they bring the fantastic characters to life. They also display a sense of appreciation for FromSoftware’s unique world, the Lands Between.

Malenia & Let Me Solo Her Are Elden Ring’s Most Popular Cosplays

Malenia Costumes Are Elden Rings Most Prevalent Cosplay

Malenia, Blade of Miquella is the most imitated Elden Ring character. She’s quite possibly the toughest boss FromSoftware has ever created, and she processes a dynamic aesthetic that’s unmatched. While there are plenty of custom designs out there, one particularly beautiful Elden Ring Malenia cosplay got FromSoftware’s approval. Twitter user Sparrowhawk Cosplay released images that highlighted Malenia’s best attributes, and they did it in a way that showed off an ultra-realistic and highly-detailed version of the Goddess of Rot. This cosplayer custom makes their own designs, making the costume even more impressive, warranting the amount of traction it got online.

Another Malenia cosplay costume – if it can be considered that – came somewhat unexpectedly, but is now a classic nonetheless. During the initial first month after the game launched, players couldn’t quit talking online about how much they’d been enjoying the game, so George R.R. Martin created an Elden Ring cosplay of his own, wearing Malenia’s famous winged helmet, although it didn’t fit him. At that moment, many players hadn’t even faced off against the goddess yet because the game was still fledgling, but even Martin knew how players had marveled over her armor that was shown in trailers leading up to the launch.

Kitty-Bit Games & Cosplay on Twitter also added to the Malenia cosplay on Twitter by posting photos of a near identical Let Me Solo Her costume creation. Let Me Solo Her has become a massive star within the Elden Ring community due to the story behind the fan-made character. The creator initially had trouble defeating Malenia – as most do during their first playthrough – but after finally defeating her, began using co-op to help others do the same. At this point, Let Me Solo Her is essentially now part of the game, and Bandai Namco sent a real sword to the creator just to show its appreciation for the fan who started it all.

Detailed Bloody Wolf & Ranni Are Hit Elden Ring Cosplays

Detailed Raging Wolf Cosplay Makes It An Elden Ring Hit

Other characters and even armor sets have captivated Elden Ring players, and one of those is the Bloody Wolf set. During the Elden Ring network tests, the Bloody Wolf armor was one of the main sets that was shown off to players. However, it wasn’t until the game actually launched that players realized just how hard it was to obtain it, but that’s what makes it one of the best outfits to wear; in addition to the looks, it’s one of the most well-rounded armor sets in the game for both quick maneuvering and defense. One cosplayer, Majed Alkanderi, showed off their appreciation for the Bloody Wolf through an Elden Ring cosplay video released on Twitter, which detailed a two-month period of work. Majed’s cosplay is still one of the best Elden Ring costumes to date.

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Ranni the Witch has also had her fair share or fan-made cosplays. In much of the same way Malenia is adored, Ranni is too, but she possesses more of a mysterious side that intrigues players rather than a fierce warrior-like persona. Ranni was one of the first Elden Ring characters to get attention online, and many theories about exactly who she was and what kind of role she played in the grand story were passed around. It’s no surprise that she is a fan favorite, and even the famed cosplayer, Jessica Nigri, showed her love for the character on Twitter by turning heads with an Elden Ring Ranni cosplay. Since then, many fans have created their own Ranni cosplay, but Jessica’s remains the most well-known, and it might be the costume that has the most traction out of any other.

Elden Ring is a game with a seemingly endless list of characters, armor sets, and weapons to discover. With what’s to offer, fans can go on making cosplay outfits for a while, and if DLC ever comes, it’ll introduce more ways to create potentially popular cosplays. Other side characters have already received a lot of love from fans on Reddit and other online spaces; the Pastor of Vows, Mirel, even got an adorable Elden Ring turtle Pope cosplay from user AwkwardBob-omb. One character in need of a good cosplay is Starscourge Radahn; fans have already created a ton of incredible fan art for him, but now it’s time he receives a good imitator, as he’s one of the most prominent characters in all of Elden Ring‘s lore.

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