Cyclops recently put Forge in the running for a spot on the latest incarnation of the X-Men, with this 90s era cosplay showing how Forge might fit in!

During the recent second annual Hellfire Gala, the latest roster of Marvel’s Merry Band of Mutants, the X-Men, was chosen, and in a new cosplay, Cyclops’ pick for the latest version of the team, the brilliant mechanical inventor named Forge, gets his 1990s swag back with a costume that replicates this fan-favorite look perfectly!

Recently shared on Instagram by username @nerd_alert_cosplay, cosplayer Jason Aluicino’s page is full of posts that show off his dedication to the craft and love of all things nerdy. Cosplaying as characters not just from the X-Men, but from properties such as TronMetal Gear SolidStreet Fighter, DC Comics, and more as well, Jason’s attention to detail while coming up with his next cosplay costume is a sight to see, and his take on Forge is no exception.


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A staple member of the X-Men since his introduction in 1984 by iconic X-writer Chris Claremont and prolific artist John Romita Jr, Forge is a Native American member of the Cheyenne nation and is a mutant of near omega-level power in terms of his mutant gift. A genius capable of envisioning and creating practically any kind of mechanical device known (and unknown) to man, Forge has been an integral part of the X-Men franchise for quite some time now, with his 90s look still being a highlight for not only himself but the entire X-Men team in general.

Holding an automatic weapon that he — like Forge — dreamed up and created himself, Jason goes all in on the yellow and blue color scheme the 90s X-Men team wore with pride while adorning his suit with all the necessary pouches and accessories (such as a metal leg), that really makes this X-Men cosplay a comic-accurate look that fans can appreciate. Finishing things off with two of the most important pieces on Forge’s costume, a giant “X” belt buckle and Forge’s signature flowing red bandana, Jason nails the look and feel of an X-Men hero who gets far less love than he deserves.

So now with Forge back on the X-Men proper, maybe he, Cyclops, and the rest of the team will bring back the 90s look that made a whole new generation of fans fall in love with these iconic Marvel Comics characters. Jason Aulicino’s Forge cosplay is a treat to see for X-Men enthusiasts, so be sure to check out his page for more nerdy posts!

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