As someone who’s dabbled in the cosplay world for a decade now, it’s pretty much always a joy to see the ladies put their own unique spin on masculine heroes and villains, especially when they go all out with them.

Silverr Fox is one such talented cosplayer out there with an apparent love of Mortal Kombat whose gender-bent Raiden is pretty stunning in heels, but then her Mileena costume will certainly make heads spin all the way around too.

The god of thunder seems to be one of Silverr Fox’s favorites over the years, and it’s easy to see why with all of the little details packed in with her mom apparently helping to craft the costume.

Even though just about everything but the hat is different than Raiden’s MK game designs, her cosplay is still immediately recognizable with the shoulder pads, cape, arm guards and even the white eyes.

Her ornate patterns found all over the costume gives the whole look an extra sense of regality that’s generally missing from the lord.

Also, kudos to Silverr Fox for pulling off that high kick in high heels.

Meanwhile, her Mileena cosplay is a much more recent creation that kinda pushes the limit on how small you can make a costume and still have it be technically functional (although the character tends to do that herself anyway).

Taking strong inspiration from the twisted sister’s Mortal Kombat 2011 design and mixing it with some of her others over the years, Silverr Fox’s take on the character is certainly an attention grabber.

She even went the extra step that most Mileena cosplayers don’t by adding smears of blood all over her body too.

If you liked these, there’s plenty more video game and anime related cosplays to be found on Silverr Fox’s Instagram page. Some of which may or may not be a little NSFW.

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