Want sneakers that go the distance?

How about from New York City to the Brazilian Amazon Rainforest and back for some milage?

This past spring and now into summer, I’ve been almost exclusively wearing Cariuma sneakers, which have quickly become my shoe of choice for any and all activities.

This includes on my daily Brooklyn and New York City jaunts, through subway stations and to the office, where I pair them with slacks and a blouse for a comfy and stylish look.

More recently I’ve been wearing them in airports and then to and from Brazil, where I hiked my way through Rio and the Amazon Rainforest where the brand just so happens to have been founded.

So why do I now recommend these kicks to all my friends and readers? Let’s get into it.

What is Cariuma?

Three Cariuma sneakers, in light purple, white and light pink

The shoe brand may be from Brazil, but all the shoes truly have a universal appeal. They resemble skater shoes with the high and low-top styles but also have a modern flair, perfect for that staple white leather shoe look that all cosmopolitan city folk has been obsessed with, just like the classic Nike Air Force 1 sneakers and the Adidas Stan Smith shoes.

The coolest part of Cariuma is it’s mission. For every pair of sneakers or shoes purchased, the brand plants two trees in the Brazilian rainforest, helping combat deforestation in the world’s largest intact forest — the Amazon.

The sustainability doesn’t stop there, as the shoes themselves are crafted with sustainable materials like bamboo, organic cotton and ethically sourced rubber, sugarcane and more. All plastics used are recycled and 65% of the products are 100% vegan.

All this being said, Cariuma provides consumers with a luxury-feeling sneaker, but at a reasonable price point. Shoes start at $79 and can rage up to $160 for premium leather and suede offerings.

Our Review: From NYC to Brazil and back

A white shoe in a green boat
The shoe that took me so many miles, through NYC, Rio and then the Amazon.

A woman in a yellow dress overlooking a mountain
These shoes made the perfect pairing for a sundress to go see Sugar Loaf Mountain, keeping my feet comfy for the trek up, too.

A woman with her arms up and back facing the camera with a view of a city in the background
I also did an impromptu hike in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and these shoes got me up the twists and turns to see this incredible view.

A woman with her arms up and back facing the camera with a view of a city in the background
I also did an impromptu hike in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro and these shoes got me up the twists and turns to see this incredible view.

I am a huge fan of white sneakers and am an on-the-go girl, so keeping my shoes looking spiffy and white is difficult. This is why I usually opt for leather over canvas — although I also love my Pantone OCA Low sneakers.

For this trip, I packed my Salvas, the brand’s more substantial leather sneaker option. Since I would be walking (and running) through many airports, walking through the streets of Rio de Janeiro and ultimately hiking through the Brazilian Amazon, I wanted the best for a long, varied journey.

Regarding comfort, I rate the Salvas 10/10. I happen to have wide feet with almost no arch, and these sneakers supported my every step. They are made of soft leather that molds to your foot, allowing for the swelling that travel and heat often bring.

As far as style, a white shoe matches everything. When packing for any trip, I only try to bring the necessities and pack a capsule wardrobe where everything can mix and match, so the white and black version was my perfect pair. Note: They recently released two new colors for summer, including a stunning rose pink and a brand new blue.

A side by side of a clean pair of white shoes and a dirty one
A before and after shot when hiking through the Amazon, which included some seriously muddy trekking.
Sophie Cannon

My favorite part of wearing thee shoes is how durable and easy to clean they are. While I stayed clean and dry most of my trip, my excursion into the Amazon was far from it. Once I got off the canoe to start hiking the rainforest, the guide even commented that white shoes were a silly choice.

Fast-forward two hours and an impromptu rainstorm (it is the rainforest, after all), I was pretty dirty from head to toe. That is until I got back in the boat and gave them a wipe down. Almost all of the dirt came off instantly, and I easily scrubbed off the rest on the journey home.

Shop our favorite styles:

1. Cariuma Salvas, $98

A white and black sneaker

The Salvas are the perfect shoe for everyday adventures, dressing up a casual outfit or dressing down a summer dress or slacks. They now come in rose and blue, in addition to all white, black and white, green and red, all made of premium leather sourced from LWG-certified Gold Rated tanneries.

2. Cariuma OCA Low, starting at $79

A white canvas sneaker

Here is the lowdown on these low-top sneakers. They are some of the most versatile shoes, with a classic silhouette to be worn anywhere. They come in canvas, leather or suede and have fun collaborations with Pantone, Atari, Gerry Lopez and more.

3. Cariuma OCA High, starting at $98

A black high-top sneaker

Skater boys and girls, listen up. High top sneakers are a super cute fashion choice and a comfortable shoe to wear while skating or just hanging out. The shoes come in canvas, suede and leather options, with many color choices and collaborations with Razer and GRLSWIRL to shop.

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