With summer comes con-season, and for many anime fans, this year may be their first year attending a convention. And with that first con-experience comes plenty of new experiences: autographs, first fan meet-ups, first industry panels, and of course, the first cosplay. But how does one get started on cosplaying?

Anime is well-known for its uniquely designed characters, so creating clothes based on such designs can seem daunting. This is why it’s often recommended for first-time cosplayers to go as characters wearing simple outfits. Here are a few characters whose looks even novice cosplayers can accomplish.

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Makoto – The Girl Who Leapt Through Time

Makoto from The Girl Who Leapt Through Time spends most of the film’s runtime in her summer school uniform. While most anime give their characters rather distinct uniform designs, The Girl Who Leapt Through Time takes a more grounded and realistic approach with its main character’s uniforms.

A white collared polo shirt, a navy blue mini-skirt, black knee socks, and brown loafers are all that are needed to complete Makoto’s look. If one wants to go the extra mile, grab a messenger bag similar to the one she wears in the film’s key visual. It should come in handy when storing purchases made at the con or keeping an extra water bottle to stay hydrated in the summer heat!

Abby – The Great Pretender

Abby’s outfit from the first arc of The Great Pretender wouldn’t look out of place on any poster or mannequin put on display in a place like Old Navy or Gap. She wears a plain yellow shirt, white shorts, and sneakers. She is occasionally seen wearing a red cap with a small “M” on the left corner.

Whether it’s truly necessary for completing the ensemble is entirely up to the cosplayer, as the hat isn’t always on her person throughout the series. It’s an outfit that would definitely be perfect for the summer heat, particularly for cons that have a lot of outdoor activities.

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Shintaro Kisaragi – Kagerou Project

Shintaro Kisaragi from the Kagerou Project Franchise — known by some as Mekakucity Actors, the title for SHAFT’s anime adaptation — dresses in typical hikikomori fashion. He wears a red track jersey despite having zero physical activity, a black shirt to better absorb the scorching summer heat, and plain brown pants. For shoes, there are two options: white socks and red house slippers, or red sneakers.

Shintaro is more commonly depicted in house slippers in official art, and while they’re comfortable to wear at home, they’re not so comfortable to wear at an event that involves walking for several hours. While his shoes are seen less often in official art, he does spend most of his time wearing them in the anime, manga, and novel adaptations.

Jinta – Ano Hana: The Flower We Saw That Day

Jinta from Ano Hana: The Flower We Saw That Day also dresses simplistically, as expected of a teenage shut-in. He wears jeans, black sneakers, and a red shirt. The red T-shirt may be the biggest challenge for this cosplay as it isn’t plain. It has Japanese characters on the front that read “地底人”, which in English, roughly means “underground person”, referencing his status as a hikikomori.It’s pretty easy to make custom shirts these days, and most online retailers charge very little for custom designs, especially if it’s just simple text. Once that’s out of the way, the rest of Jinta’s look should be easy enough to replicate.

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Natsume – Natsume’s Book of Friends

Like Makoto, Natsume from Natsume’s Book of Friends frequently wears a simple summer school uniform. It consists of a white collared polo, black pants, and yellow sneakers with white soles. Because of how simple his outfit is, having additional accessories is recommended, although not required. A Nyanko-sensei plush would be the best indicator of the character, but a replica of Natsume’s iconic Book of Friends or his messenger bag is also acceptable.

Avid manga readers will also note that Natsume actually has a different hair color in the source material, so it’s up to the cosplayer to decide whether they want to go with grey hair or light brown hair.

Hina & Hodaka – Weathering With You

The main protagonists from Makoto Shinkai’s latest feature film Weathering With You are most commonly associated with the casual clothes they wear in the film’s key visual. Hodaka wears a plain white shirt, denim pants that are above his ankles, and white sneakers. He also wears a brown shoulder bag, which should come in handy for storing things like phones or cash.

Hina wears a sleeveless white hoodie, a pink sleeveless undershirt, blue shorts, and white sneakers. She also wears a black choker with a light blue pendant shaped like a water drop, which should be easy enough to make on your own. It’s the perfect couples cosplay — be it platonic or romantic — for any novice cosplayers and the perfect kind of clothes to wear in the summer heat!

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