As the Queen celebrated her Platinum Jubilee, we reflected on her enormous influence on fashion, which is greater than you may think. Let’s look at some fashion inspired by Queen Elizabeth II.

Iconic fashion trends influenced by Queen Elizabeth II

The Queen is a power-dressing pioneer with a distinct sense of personal flair. She understands what she likes and what looks good on her, and she uses her clothing to convey a message of dignified regality. Her fashion sense has inspired major fashion trends ranging from tiaras and Barbour coats to headscarves, bow blouses, and more. We’ve rounded up a list of fashion trends inspired by the Queen below.

Dress coats and hats

Gucci owes one of its key signature aesthetics to the Queen.

Barbour coats

Keeping in company with Queen Elizabeth, the Barbour brand has received the approval of shoppers, with users saying that the jackets are the “ideal spring jacket.” For good cause, the British heritage brand has earned the royal mark of approval. This lightweight Barbour jacket with exquisite diamond quilting and polished goldtone hardware is a spring essential for any wardrobe, royal or otherwise.


With everyone wearing Gucci loafers these days, it’s nothing new – but the Queen, as ever, was first.


From fashion designers to influencers to fashion week street style, everyone is definitely a fan of the headscarf trend and has been delving into her majesty’s fashion archives.

Bow blouses

fashion inspired by Queen

Bow blouses are rarely out of style, but no one does it better than the Queen, who loves this prim, feminine style. With celebrities and influencers sporting it throughout fashion week and events, this trend will undoubtedly lend a touch of sophistication to your outfit.


fashion inspired by Queen

Chanel may have been influenced by the Queen while designing the twinset, which became an iconic signature style of the fashion house. This exquisite twinset will be seen on practically every celebrity, that’s how popular it is.

Box bags

fashion inspired by Queen

The Queen has long preferred a classic box bag (typically by British designer Launer), a style that is frequently seen on the runway.

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