Since her first appearance, Punchline has been a favorite for cosplayers. But one uses a very interesting technique to embody the character.

When the Joker’s new sidekick Punchline arrived on the scene, fans were eager to cosplay her. But one cosplayer has taken the extra step in becoming one with the comics.

It seems almost as if from her first appearance, Harley Quinn was on a trajectory to leave Joker’s side and strike out on her own. So it was only a matter of time before a replacement sidekick was introduced. Created by James Tynion IV and Jorge Jimenez, Punchline is essentially a psychotic college student who decided to take her fangirl status of the Joker to an extreme. She donned her own outfit and was instrumental in helping Joker steal Bruce Wayne’s billions in Joker War. Unfortunately for her, she also took the fall for the whole thing while Joker ran away.


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Since she is such a crazy and interesting character it’s no surprise fans wanted to cosplay her almost immediately after she appeared. And what’s even more interesting is when cosplayers take a unique artistic approach to their imagery. One such cosplayer did this by merging a unique image of photography and comic art. Posted on their Instagram, Tachi Tach Cos (@tachitach_) made a seamless image where it looks as if they actually are Punchline drawn on the page. Typically cosplayers pose in front of a green screen with a background inserted later, but this is an approach completely different.

What’s cool about Punchline’s costume is that it’s relatively simple. Just like Harley Quinn, the main components are clothing and makeup. So as long as the cosplayer has those, they will be able to make a functional Punchline outfit. What makes Tachi Tach Cos’ cosplay so effective is that they take the spirit of the character to the next level by incorporating comic art within the photography. It’s a unique style that should definitely be implemented more with other characters.

The great thing about cosplay is that there’s no one right way to pull it off. Fans can be as creative as they want, mashing up characters or taking a minimalist approach. Fans can dress up for a photo shoot for a con or simply do it to hang out with friends. They can also take risks with different artistic approaches, which is exactly what Tachi Tach Cos has done. They used different forms of art and creativity to experiment and create a truly unique Punchline cosplay that more fans should take notice of.

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Source: Tachi Tach Cos

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