Red Hood has had more than his fair share of costume designs, and in a DC Rebirth era cosplay, Jason Todd gets the comic-accurate look he deserves!

The bad boy of the Bat-Family, Jason Todd aka Red Hood has changed his vigilante look more than a few times over the years, and now in a cosplay based on Jason’s Rebirth era costume, he gets a badass live-action design that suits him well!

Uploaded across various corners of Reddit by username u/reznor9, a quick scroll through this cosplayer’s feed shows that he’s been working on this comic-accurate Red Hood design for some time now. Also posting a video of a cool 3-D modeled Arkham City-esque Batman cowl, u/reznor9’s dedication to the realism and comic book elements of these costumes proves that he’s not only a hardcore nerd but a talented and creative one as well.


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Introduced as Batman’s second Robin who was eventually killed by the Joker only to rise from the dead as a vigilante with a bone to pick with The Dark Knight of Gotham City, Red Hood quickly became a fan-favorite member of the Bat-Family, despite his initial villainous tendencies. Doing his best to become more than his checkered past and lean further into his heroic proclivities as of late, Jason has yet again altered his iconic look in comics, with u/reznor9’s cosplay bridging the gap between Jason’s original design and his Rebirth upgrade.

Giving fans of the character a quick video showing off his completed design, u/reznor9 is seen in all of his Red Hood cosplay glory as he stares down the camera while flipping a switch under his slightly battle-worn helmet, illuminating the whites of Red Hood’s eyes. Using a backing track which plays an audio clip of The Dark Knight’s version of the Joker talking about criminals being afraid of going out at night thanks to the big bad Bat, u/reznor9 finishes up by locking and loading an automatic rifle, immediately solidifying the more badass nature of this Rebirth era Jason Todd.

A look that u/reznor9 describes as being “inspired by the artwork of Dexter Soy,” this particular Red Hood design is similar to Soy’s work on 2016’s Red Hood and the Outlaws in a sense that Jason’s helmet, gloved hands, and jacket all bear a striking resemblance to that updated design. Losing Jason’s red bat symbol (at least for this iteration of the cosplay), u/reznor9’s costume hits all the right comic book notes while also giving fans an impressive page to real-life transition that needs to be seen to be believed.

Jason may have yet again changed his look now that he’s leading a team of zombies over in the pages of Task Force Z, but with u/reznor9 on the cosplay case, Jason’s Rebirth era costume is one still worth remembering. Jason Todd has more Red Hood costumes than you can shake a crowbar at, so be sure to check out u/reznor9’s page for one of his best ones!

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